Machine Learning Engineer

San Francisco, CA
Full Time

At Quilt, we're using LLMs and other AI tools to automate the future of technical selling.

LLMs are capable of miracles, but without careful control and context they are just token-vomiting parrots.

As a Machine Learning Engineer, you will use state of the art models and techniques to build the intelligence behind Quilt.

What You Will Do
  • Fine tune embeddings and LLMs for better search, RAG, and question answering
  • Prompt engineer RAG and other systems for question answering, data mining, and other tasks
  • Collect analytics and mine them for product insights
  • Build search and recommender systems to automatically improve the product over time
  • Build real time LLM experiences using optimizations and tricks to provide results to users faster than they are used to
  • Experience using LLMs to solve real world problems
  • 3+ years experience training and fine tuning ML models in production
  • Proficiency in python, numpy, pytorch
  • Attention to detail, willingness to debug data quality issues and solve learning problems end to end
  • Preferred: Product ML experience building recommender systems
  • Preferred: Additional proficiency in Typescript, Rust, C++


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