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Change the modern enterprise through AI.
Our belief is that the future of work will be automated. The human elements and relationships of a working environment are here to stay. The menial and mundane tasks are not. At Quilt, we are building the automation layer for organizations, starting with presales. We are building agents to be the best versions of ourselves: competent, accurate, responsive.

For the product and the business, we have three guiding principles:
Be the trusted expert for trusted experts.
In order for our product to be used, it needs to be trusted. We are building a future where every SME has a trusted advisor for human error: gaps in memory, miscommunication, laziness. We need to first earn that trust. We need to earn the right to be someone’s trusted expert.
Move quickly & intelligently.
There is so much to be automated. We will win if we automate as much as possible as quickly as possible. Even better if we find a smart (generalizable) way to do it.
Prioritize revenue impact.
The perfect sales org is a well-oiled machine that maximizes a single objective: revenue. For the customer, we will not only make their lives better, we will also make them money.
Culture is something that is practiced every day. It’s what you do when no one is looking.

These are values that guide our actions. Actions that reflect these values should be celebrated. Actions that go against these values should be rooted out.
Customer Empathy
Our goal is to give our users superpowers. The only way we do this is by putting the customer first. The difference between this and Customer Obsession is Customer Empathy puts you in the customers’ shoes. Take a first-person perspective of the customers’ problems, not a second-person perspective of someone researching solutions.
We Are On A Clock
We have been gifted an almost magical new tool that can make many peoples’ lives better, but we are not the only ones trying to do so. It’s a land grab. It’s a race to take as much as possible, and we have to move quickly in order to win.
Growth Mindset
We are always learning - from our customers, our community, and each other. We should be continually finding things that challenge us in the dimensions that we value. If our growth stagnates on those dimensions, then we need to find more and better people to continue challenging us.
Don’t be scared of change
Disrupt yourself. We are building the AI-enabled future. We are the ones who are catalyzing change, and we should be just as accepting of it as the organizations we are changing.
Focus on outputs, not inputs
Outputs are what move us forward. Be results-oriented. Don’t just work for works’ sake.

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