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Enterprise AI for
subject matter experts

10x the productivity of experts across
Solutions Teams
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Solutions Teams
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With Quilt, teams are able to

Save 80% time on proposals & knowledge management
Answer technical questions at 10x speed
Win more deals with higher confidence

Quilt Knowledge Platform

A comprehensive view of your organizational data
  • Syncs with all of your knowledge sources
  • Easy collaboration and editing features
  • Your data stays up-to-date automatically
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Questionnaire Assistant

Best-in-class RFP and questionnaire automation tool
  • RFPs completed within minutes
  • 95%+¬†completion rate
  • 80%+ time savings
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Chat Assistant

An always-online technical expert
  • 24/7 immediate responses
  • Pulls straight from your knowledge sources
  • Supports Web, Chrome, and Slack
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Empower your team with the best in AI automation.

Immediate time savings

Complete automation of any inbound questionnaire

On-demand answers

The fastest and most reliable knowledge lookup

Auto-updating knowledge

Answers automatically update alongside your data sources

Comprehensive data integrations

Google Suite, Confluence, Notion, Zoom

Not another source of truth

We pull from your data sources, requiring minimal data upkeep

More assistants launching soon!

Reach out to hello@quilt.app to learn more

Seamless integration with your tools

Data Security is our #1 concern.

Control What You Share

We can only access documents that you explicitly upload or share with us. Remove the document to completely remove it from our servers.

Data Isolation

We do not run or fine-tune shared models. Data is isolated across organizations. Your data and your answers will never leak to other organizations.

Full Encryption

Data is encrypted at rest and in transit using industry best-practices (TLS 1.2/1.3, AES-256).

SOC 2 Type 2 Compliant

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full potential with Quilt

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